Food Trucks, Food Crawls, Restaurants and Diners – Oh MY!!

Food Trucks

#FoodTruckFriday – Knosh Catering

Knosh Catering came onto the Edmonton Food Truck Scene in 2013. I was fortunate enough to be able to try their fare at Eden’s Market on 124. Anyone that supports Eden’s Market has a special place in my heart; Eden’s Market is run to support […]

Hawkers Market Comes to Edmonton

Hawkers Market is based in Vancouver, BC.  They have most recently set their sites on Edmonton as a place to launch their event.  A Hawker Centre or “Cooked Food Centre” is usually in an open-air market format.  Thanks to our lovely Alberta weather, this particular […]

The Drift FT – Jerk Chicken

I am still trying to formulate some way of keeping track of where the YEG Foodtrucks are on any given day.  I work downtown so am always hoping they will be close enough to my office to be able to sample their wares. I just […]

What the Truck?! August 3rd Aftermath

Wow!  I thought Taste of Edmonton was crowded! Kudos to all of the Food Trucks that were there and frantically serving the food that they were providing. Unfortunately I did not get to try as many of the things as I had hoped to due […]

What the Truck?!

I am SO excited for “What the Truck?!” tonight!! I have been following the page for a little over a month now and my schedule can finally accommodate getting to try some of the newest local eateries! The menu looks phenomenal. Join us on the […]