Food Trucks, Food Crawls, Restaurants and Diners – Oh MY!!


Winter Brunch with Fort Edmonton’s Own – Johnson’s Cafe

Winter Brunch with Fort Edmonton’s Own – Johnson’s Cafe

Fort Edmonton Park generally closes for the season on September 25th.  The park opens for themed events and private functions only.  How can you get a peek at the park in off season?  Why Sunday Brunch of course! Brunch does run during the park’s off-season […]

The Graze Brunch Buffet Experience

I am not a huge “breakfast at breakfast time” kind of person.  I dutifully make myself a healthy smoothie every morning to take to work, but it usually doesn’t get consumed until 10am or later in the morning.  Weekends are interesting at our house, I […]

Paris-Brest from Duchess Bake Shop

I had heard many good things about the Duchess when it came to the foodie conversations in and around Edmonton. Try as I might, it took me months to finally make the trek to the infamous bakery. Surprisingly there were seats! My foodie connections had […]