Welcome to my little home on the world wide web…

I have a passion for food – my guilty pleasure!

I love to find the lovely, unrecognized and hidden away gems that sprinkle Edmonton.  Mom and Pop establishments that have recipes that have been passed on through the generations.  I love comfort food.  Diners, pubs, cafes and burger joints are at the top of my list for a meal out.

My favourite cooks are the ones that are innovative and know how to compliment different flavours – the new, the bold, the daring! (And BACON – can’t forget the BACON!) Passion for cooking a great meal always shows in the quality of the food.

Supporting local businesses is another passion. It is very important to keep your money at home. Sure, there is the odd time I am at chain restaurants, but I try to keep my support right here in my own city!

I love to share my food photos and experiences so that others may experience the same joy on their tongues!  I am always on the hunt for that next new adventure.

I am a certified Kansas City BBQ Society Judge and have taken some great BBQ cooking classes so I know what the competition teams are going through to get me the delicious end product.  I wish I could share competition food photos with you, but it is against the rules! I try to make sure there are some vendor photos when I can.

I am also an EAT certified Canadian Food Championships Food Judge.

Edmontonians unite and share your experiences with us…