Jill Hollett Artist Opening!

Jill Hollett Artist Opening!

February 1, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Grizzlar Coffee & Records

Come down to The Grizzlar Coffee & Records This Saturday (February 1st) to view a collection of paintings and illustrations from one of Edmonton’s up and coming artists, Jill Hollett.

Jill will be in the caffe from 12 – 4pm to sell prints, merch and to talk about her work.

Free to Attend!

Here is a statement from the artist:

My name is JIll Hollett, I am a freelance illustrator and currently a third year Bachelor of Fine Arts student at The University of Alberta, with a major in painting. My Practice varies in medium from drawing, painting, and illustration but has themes of surrealism, nature and death through-out. My style is constantly evolving but draws from my past background as a tattoo artist and my previous years of study at the Edmonton Digital Arts College and The Alberta University of the Arts.

I have a strong passion fro things traditionally considered “lowbrow” or “gross” and aim to elevate these concepts by executing them within the context of fine-art. I am constantly experimenting with techniques and materials to find the most authentic way to present my own interpretation of beauty and celebrate the binary of life and death.

This collection is a celebration of my two juxtaposing artistic styles: My fine-art practice in University and my pop-surrealist digital illustrations. While alternating from my personal practice to school assignments, i am aiming to further discover ways to fuse these opposite approaches as i continue to discover my artistic voice and style.

More of my work can be found at:
instagram: @artbyjill


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