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No Doggie Gifts Under the Tree…

No Doggie Gifts Under the Tree…

Things have been quiet on my social media lately… That is because real life has been calling, and it has been a brutal couple of months for our family.

Back in 2009, I was lucky enough to meet a man that I absolutely adore.  He is my best friend, my confidant and my soul mate. It just felt right, so everything moved along quickly for us.  We moved in together after about six months of dating.  I wasn’t able to have children, but I thought it would be fitting to have a furbaby of our own.

In July of 2010 I saw in the news that another flight of “California Canine Cuties” had arrived at the Edmonton SPCA.  They had a volunteer that was quite wealthy that would fly her private jet down to California to bring back small dogs from the high kill shelters.  I made a detour on the way out to a camping trip “just to see”.

We visited “Snookie” first.  She had such a sweet and loving disposition even though she was probably anxious and surrounded by chaos.  She climbed up into Jeremy’s lap, covered him in kisses and snuggled right in.  We visited for a while and went on to look at other dogs.  The others were all miserable and would not approach.  We went back to visit her once more before leaving.  I stepped back to watch her and Jeremy… She had chosen him.  I snuck out of the room to fill out the paperwork and pay the adoption fees.

She had been returned to the SPCA once already.  She had a broken rib that never healed properly.  She was covered in flea bites.  She was skinny and had obviously had a litter of pups recently.  She was fearful of other dogs.  She was a hot mess, but she was OUR hot mess.

She was never socialized properly with other dogs.  She was always fearful, she never got over it no matter how hard we tried.  We were lucky enough to have a very patient friend (thank you Lisa!) that introduced her two boys to Lenore.  She actually had fun playing with them, and from that moment on had some doggie friends.

Lenore was a derpy, cheerful, playful, loving girl who liked to make sure you got a good laugh.  She was Mama’s walking partner, Daddy’s snuggling partner, Mort and Muffin’s sibling.  She was just more than words can express.  She was our sweet girl, our child.

Her pal Mort had been having health issues for quite some time.  He was still happy despite being blind and having no teeth.  He was on several medications for his dry eye and congestive heart failure.  He left this world at the ripe old age of 14.  He was loved and very much missed.  We said goodbye on September 30th.

Lenore had lost her pal Muffin about 2 years ago, so we started to see the same signs of grieving and depression in her, or  at least that was what we thought… She was about 11 years old from what the SPCA estimated when she came in.  She had already been diagnosed with a grade 3 heart murmur, but other than that she still acted like a puppy until Mort passed.

I started to worry because she didn’t have her normal appetite and would vomit up bile every couple of days.  We decided to take her in for a thorough senior check up just to make sure everything was ok.  We did not get good news.

Lenore was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure.  She needed to be hospitalized and have IV fluids administered to flush out all of the toxins in her blood that were making her feel so sick.  We were thankful to be able to take her home every night.  She was still very lethargic but she was in better spirits and was at least able to eat.  She surprised the doctor by clearing up her values quicker than expected.  It was about $2000 but it was worth it to give her a fighting chance.  With any luck, we would have 3 to 6 more months with our goofy girl.

We were warned that not all pups respond to treatment.  We never expected that Lenore would be one of them.

We spent a heart-wrenching week at home administering medications and fluids under the skin.  She was more herself, but would tire easily and we struggled to get her to take food.  We lovingly hand fed her every chance we could get.  She wouldn’t eat it out of the bowl, but if Mom fed it to her from her hand, Lenore would take it.

We were due for a blood re-check again after a week of home treatment, we were both suffering from anxiety all day wondering what news we would get.  Again, it wasn’t good…

Our hearts sank with the news that her blood levels were higher than when we first brought her in.  We were going to have to say goodbye.  We chose to spend 2 more days with her so that we could give her some sunshine and fresh air, try to get her to eat some of her favourite things, and to snuggle and pet her as much as we could possibly manage.

She was really weak and not able to walk very far, so we wrapped her up in a blanket and carried her to the dog park to get that fresh air and sunshine.  She managed to eat a sausage McMuffin with her tail wagging the whole time.  Mom and Dad got kisses and tail wags for the last time.

Lenore passed peacefully in our arms with the assistance of all of the wonderful staff at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital on Saturday, November 23.

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In 7 short weeks we have lost both of our children.

We are devastated… We tried everything we could to make sure that both pups had quality of life and were not in any pain or discomfort.  We were not expecting this outcome.  We borrowed over $4000 to cover vet bills, medications and special diets in hope that we would be able to spend just one more Christmas together.

</3 No doggie gifts under the tree this year
</3 No furry cuddles on the couch
</3 No wagging tails of greeting at the front door

Now Christmas is coming and we are heartbroken AND broke.  The house is empty, quiet and lonely. There is a lot of financial stress piled on top of the grief. Will you open your heart — and your wallet — to help?

No one likes to ask for help… A couple of close friends suggested that we put up a crowdfunding request.  So we did, just to see what happened.  We are just a little over half way.  Will you open your heart — and your wallet — to help?

Lenore’s Rainbow Bridge Fund

We loved our babies more than words can express.  The grief is overwhelming.  Thank you for reading, it means the world to us.

Mort the Mighty

Mort the Mighty

Born to Chico (father) and Oreo (mother) on June 5th, 2005 he came by his evil chihuahua personality honestly. His parents were both miserable when you weren’t a member of the pack.
When my Auntie Corina placed this tiny black ball of fluff in my hands, it was love at first sight. He wasn’t ready to come home yet though, so I had to wait…
We were inseparable from the very beginning. I was his, and he was mine. He may have been tiny, but he was my familiar, my protector. He was so pudgy when he was a pup, it’s hard to imagine him turning out to be so slim for the rest of his life.
He came into my life at just the right time. I was in a very unhappy relationship and had managed to push away or lose most of my friends. Mort was my child, my heart, my saviour. Because of him, because I couldn’t leave him, he literally saved my life.
We went everywhere together because he was tiny enough to fit in a purse. He was my shadow, my official potty inspector, and my protector. When that toxic relationship finally ended, that tiny little soul was so worried about me, he ended up slipping between legs, unnoticed and made a journey over several busy roadways without getting run over by a car… he was picked up by some kind soul and turned into the bylaw folks.
I was frantic! Luckily the lovely lady that clipped his nails recognized him at the pound and contacted my Aunt. My bestie was changing the locks on the house when he escaped and I was out on an errand with my Ex when Mort slipped out. I had no idea he was missing until I got home and there was no Mort.
By the time I found out (and almost fainted from the stress) it was close to closing time at the pound. There was no way I could leave him there overnight in jail. I rushed there to pay his bail and pick him up. He was microchipped on the spot! He was also smothered in kisses and cuddles. It was a miracle he made it to where he did without getting killed!
Many Months later, Momma met another fella. Mort was not amused. “Look at the last guy you dated Momma – you have terrible taste in men. I will protect you from him!” See Mort had me all to himself, he was my main man and he wasn’t going to have it any other way. He had the same spot on the bed for 4 years now and he wasn’t going to give it up.
He couldn’t push that new guy out of the bed no matter how hard he tried. He was always a smart little guy though so he figures out if he peed on that guy’s pillow, just a little bit, that should get rid of him. He wont want to sleep on pissy pillows!
Mort was frustrated to find out the new guy was there to stay. Eventually Jer won him over through his patience and love. Love me, love my dog.
Mort’s life after that was filled with love and adventure. He got a new sister shortly after his new Daddy (Lenore) and then his sleepover pal Muffin became his brother as well. The pack enjoyed lots of playtime together. Everyone had their own spot in the bed, life was delightful.
When Mort was still a pup, he had an allergic reaction to his vaccinations. It was really scary! He was so tiny that it wasn’t really a surprise. He was never neutered due to concerns about him going under anesthesia. We didn’t travel as much as we would have liked to because no vaccinations means no kennel would take him.
Being intact meant for Mort that he was a humper. He had a stuffed hippo when he was a baby. One day when Mama was shopping at a flea market, she found a female version of the Taco Bell dog with a pretty pink collar and long eyelashes. Belle was just his size and became Mort’s mate for life. He would not hump anything else! He likes to cuddle with her at night as well.
Humping was his quality of life…. I knew when that stopped, it was time to make that hard decision.
That happened last week… He was telling me he was tired. With the emergency vet visit, he showered me in kisses because he could sense I was upset. He seemed fine, and he went back to humping but by Friday night we had another episode where he couldn’t walk. The next morning, the Vet confirmed my fear. His organs were starting to shut down.
I promised him that I would not let him suffer. The humping stopped. We had to say goodbye.
Our last two days together was a lot of sleeping. We had moments of clarity where he asked for pets and he actually had an appetite and ate like a piggy on his last day. He even got to share a meal with Mama, his favourite way to eat.
I chose an Indigenous lullaby that was perfect for him and me. He showered Jer and I in kisses to tell us it was okay, that he was ready, that I shouldn’t be so sad. I covered him in kisses and tears and gently rocked him to sleep while I sang along with the lullaby. He passed peacefully in my arms. I continued to hold him and rock him for a while after.
He now lives completely in my heart.
Mort Memorial
Until we meet again little man… Mama loves you!
Maya and Muffin will show you the ropes.