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Easy-Peasy Meal Prep

Easy-Peasy Meal Prep

Food lovingly prepared by The Burly Chef
Please order by 4pm today – limited spots available.
Join me in ordering some delicious pre-made meals for your upcoming busy week!
All meals can be protein boosted for an additional $1
• Cheesy Broccoli, Chicken and Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers
Creole rice pilaf and cheese baked bell peppers with delicious BBQ Chicken. Eat healthy AND
• Sous Vide Steak Fajitas
Slow cooked Sous Vide AAA Beef to a mouth-watering tenderness, served with a fresh Chimichurri,
sliced peppers, sauteed mushrooms and a fresh peach, mandarin and cilantro salsa.
• Pancetta Pasta Primavera with Sweet Peas and Sage
Delicious and savory light cream sauce with sweet peas, fresh Sage, crisp Pancetta and sweet
• Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp Noodle Soup
Red curry paste, lemongrass, lime juice, coconut milk and soy sauce. Fresh veg bursting with
refreshing flavor and citrus!
Vegetarian Option: (Please keep available for Vegetarians only)
• Bulgogi Roasted Spring Vegetable Bowl
Bulgogi marinated cauliflower mushrooms and spring vegetables served atop fresh spinach with
delicious lemon herb brioche croutons. Meatless and delicious.
Meals are $10 each.  Free delivery on Sunday for a minimum 10 meal order.
Please email danielhuber at shaw dot ca to order.
The Burly Chef May 29th Menu
Contact-less Meal Delivery!

Contact-less Meal Delivery!

Tired of meal prep? Don’t want to brave the grocery stores? Want something quick and delicious?

Let Chef help!

I order these myself, high quality, reasonably priced, good sized portions.

The best thing is when you order, you also help someone in need.

Prepared in an AHS approved kitchen with quality, local ingredients.

Please message me for contact information. (r dot reid at yegfoodie dot com)

Meals are $10 (including delivery, GST)

Deliveries are on Sunday between 2-6 pm and are contact-less drop off.

Proceeds from meals are donated in the form of additional meals to community nominated families in need.

Here’s the menu. Order by 4 pm on Friday (please and thanks)…

Some pictures of last cycles menu are below!

Spring Salad.
Spring mixed greens and spinach with cherry tomatoes, red onion, matchstick carrots, goat cheese, bacon crumble and a champagne vinaigrette. Toasted Herb trio croutons.

Beef Stroganoff
Red wine braised AAA (farm sources, no more Cargil) Beef in creamy herbed sauce atop olive oil and seasoned Egg Noodles.

Honey Garlic Cashew Bowl
Honey Garlic Smothered chicken and vegetables atop ginger rice pilaf and served with sesame seeds and dried chow mein noodles.

Fresh Bruschetta and Garlic Bread.
Homemade bruschetta with fresh basil, fresh garlic, Roma tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and served with a bakeable loaf of Garlic Bread

Sausage and Caramalized Onion Pasta
Basil and Garlic Pomodoro sauce, baked Artisan Sausage atop Penne and served with shredded Gran Padano Cheese

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Valentine’s Dinner – For Food Lovers!

Valentine’s Dinner – For Food Lovers!

Whether you are a couple, or a single, Edmonton has some great culinary events that happen just for Valentine’s Day.  There are some amazing specials going on.  I would like to share a few with you.

For BBQ Lovers Only:

If you haven’t already tried Smoke & Ash Canadian BBQ, then you are in for a real treat!  During the winter they have their “All You Can Eat BBQ Buffet”.  That is all the meats, all the sides and a beverage to boot!  They don’t have a liquor license and are family friendly.  Children under 12 are charged $1/year (3yrs old = $3).

The meat is smoked to tender perfection (BBQ Judge here!) and the home-made style sides are delicious.

The Valentine’s special is the buffet mentioned above for only $20 per person! (Normally $25).  Valentine’s Day only from 4pm to 8pm.  No reservations, first come, first served.

Located in Acheson Industrial area, totally worth the drive!

SNA Valentines Special

Let’s Get Twisted:

Zwick’s Pretzels is a local favourite. Everything is made fresh and lovingly prepared in small batches.  They have brought out the hot cinnamon dust and the coconut dust for this special occasion! 24 hr pre-order required.

Zwiks Valentine Special

Ohana Means Family:

Need a special something for your sweetheart, galentine, mom, or self?
Ohana Donuterie’s SWEETHEARTS BOX is available for pre order. Pick up on VALENTINES DAY only.
Six heart shaped filled donuts – 3 made with chocolate dough.
Chocolate mousse • raspberry Bismarck • strawberry cream cheese•

Call or text (780)777-1322 to order.

Ohana Valentine Special

Donut Cake – Wait What?

Reserve your sweet, sweet, sweetie-pie a special Valentine’s Day Donut Cake from Farrow Sandwiches! Flowers die, donut cakes are forever. I was one of the OG testers for these donuts and I can tell you from personal experience how tasty they are.

Email to reserve a cake for pickup at any of our three locations!!

Luxurious Sushi Experience:

An Omakaze style evening with contemporary and traditional flavours. For either Valentine’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, you and that special someone can enjoy our carefully curated menu. Using World class sourced ingredients including Alberta’s fresh meat. Shigeo Takedas Edomame style collaboration Alberta craft steak DOSC Kelly Wong.  This is a 7 course meal with premium, luxury ingredients.  Japonais Bistro is known for their top quality, fresh seafood.  Tickets are $115/person available through Eventbrite.

Japonais Bistro Valentines Special

For My Nerds:

It`s Valentines Day at Table Top Cafe and we have a special offer for couples and double dates looking for a low key night out.
Enjoy the evening playing games with drinks and take a puzzle home to enjoy at your leisure.

Table Top Cafe Valentines

$50 for one couple or $90 for two!

Included for each couple:
Entry Fees
2 drinks per person (or one bottle of wine)
1 bowl of chocolate candy
1 puzzle of their choice right off the shelf

To save your spot, just book a table at either store through our website here: and make a note at the end that it is for valentines.

See you there!

*Drinks can be anything up to $8, anything over is simply added to the bill
*Candy can be not chocolate if you so choose!

For My Spookies:

Vulgar Valentine’s Day Horror Show;  a night of burlesque and live music.  No food mentioned, but they do specialize in “comfort food” at the bar.  $15 cover.

Blakbar Valentine's Event

There is a little bit of this, and a little bit of that for all budgets.  If you have an event that you would like to share with the YEGfood community, I would love to hear about it.  Please mention it in the comments below!

Happy Love Day Everyone!



Chef’s Table Experience at Ernest’s NAIT

Chef’s Table Experience at Ernest’s NAIT

I was honored to be invited to a “Chef’s Table” at Ernest’s which are put on by the NAIT Culinary Arts Program.  I was thrilled about this mostly because the Culinary Arts students are so full of enthusiasm and the most beautiful plating I have ever seen!  The thing about the Culinary “Arts” is that part of it is actually, ART!  It takes talent to feed the masses and keep everyone’s tummies happy.

The Chef’s Tables were introduced in 2017 to give guests a chance to experience unique menus created by the Executive Chef (currently Chef Rylan Krause) with the student chefs tapping in for the dessert and sorbet.  These lavish dinners are prepared right before your eyes!   Sports fans have giant events in arenas, foodies have Chef Tables!

This has mainly been an experience where you get together about 10 friends and you dedicate an evening to experiencing a decadent meal.  Beginning in January of 2020, Ernest’s will be offering the chance to purchase individual spots at the table.  Exciting news!

For only $135 per person, you get to experience a personal kitchen tour, custom wine pairing, and group dinner service.  This is with front row seats to all of the action; much like a sporting event.  You will need to set aside at least 3 hours for one of these experiences.

Please note that the ticket price does not include GST.  The “service charge” is an 18% gratuity.

Upcoming dates for these special events are as follows:

January 16th
February 27th
March 18th
April 16th

Your seating area is decadently set with an almost confusing amount of cutlery, plates and glasses.  Don’t worry, I have a few fancy military mess dinners under my belt!  Use the utensils from the outside, working your way to the inside, then from the top down.  Make sense?

Since we all eat with our eyes, be sure to check out the gallery below of the food served at my Chef’s Table.  It was beyond delicious and so beautiful. This is a perfect date night activity.

The Dark Cherry Sorbet was the most beautiful plating of the evening in my opinion.  The chocolate painted on the plate reminded me of some beautiful henna that I had done a couple of summers ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to the Chefs and all of the student chefs.  It was so much food I had to tap out before the last two courses.  There was still a cheese plate and a dessert that I didn’t get the opportunity to photograph for you.

For the budget conscious, this is an amazing opportunity to have the fine dining experience at an affordable price.  For the adventurous, it’s “a la carte” but with the quality that Ernest’s students put out, you won’t be disappointed.

No Doggie Gifts Under the Tree…

No Doggie Gifts Under the Tree…

Things have been quiet on my social media lately… That is because real life has been calling, and it has been a brutal couple of months for our family.

Back in 2009, I was lucky enough to meet a man that I absolutely adore.  He is my best friend, my confidant and my soul mate. It just felt right, so everything moved along quickly for us.  We moved in together after about six months of dating.  I wasn’t able to have children, but I thought it would be fitting to have a furbaby of our own.

In July of 2010 I saw in the news that another flight of “California Canine Cuties” had arrived at the Edmonton SPCA.  They had a volunteer that was quite wealthy that would fly her private jet down to California to bring back small dogs from the high kill shelters.  I made a detour on the way out to a camping trip “just to see”.

We visited “Snookie” first.  She had such a sweet and loving disposition even though she was probably anxious and surrounded by chaos.  She climbed up into Jeremy’s lap, covered him in kisses and snuggled right in.  We visited for a while and went on to look at other dogs.  The others were all miserable and would not approach.  We went back to visit her once more before leaving.  I stepped back to watch her and Jeremy… She had chosen him.  I snuck out of the room to fill out the paperwork and pay the adoption fees.

She had been returned to the SPCA once already.  She had a broken rib that never healed properly.  She was covered in flea bites.  She was skinny and had obviously had a litter of pups recently.  She was fearful of other dogs.  She was a hot mess, but she was OUR hot mess.

She was never socialized properly with other dogs.  She was always fearful, she never got over it no matter how hard we tried.  We were lucky enough to have a very patient friend (thank you Lisa!) that introduced her two boys to Lenore.  She actually had fun playing with them, and from that moment on had some doggie friends.

Lenore was a derpy, cheerful, playful, loving girl who liked to make sure you got a good laugh.  She was Mama’s walking partner, Daddy’s snuggling partner, Mort and Muffin’s sibling.  She was just more than words can express.  She was our sweet girl, our child.

Her pal Mort had been having health issues for quite some time.  He was still happy despite being blind and having no teeth.  He was on several medications for his dry eye and congestive heart failure.  He left this world at the ripe old age of 14.  He was loved and very much missed.  We said goodbye on September 30th.

Lenore had lost her pal Muffin about 2 years ago, so we started to see the same signs of grieving and depression in her, or  at least that was what we thought… She was about 11 years old from what the SPCA estimated when she came in.  She had already been diagnosed with a grade 3 heart murmur, but other than that she still acted like a puppy until Mort passed.

I started to worry because she didn’t have her normal appetite and would vomit up bile every couple of days.  We decided to take her in for a thorough senior check up just to make sure everything was ok.  We did not get good news.

Lenore was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure.  She needed to be hospitalized and have IV fluids administered to flush out all of the toxins in her blood that were making her feel so sick.  We were thankful to be able to take her home every night.  She was still very lethargic but she was in better spirits and was at least able to eat.  She surprised the doctor by clearing up her values quicker than expected.  It was about $2000 but it was worth it to give her a fighting chance.  With any luck, we would have 3 to 6 more months with our goofy girl.

We were warned that not all pups respond to treatment.  We never expected that Lenore would be one of them.

We spent a heart-wrenching week at home administering medications and fluids under the skin.  She was more herself, but would tire easily and we struggled to get her to take food.  We lovingly hand fed her every chance we could get.  She wouldn’t eat it out of the bowl, but if Mom fed it to her from her hand, Lenore would take it.

We were due for a blood re-check again after a week of home treatment, we were both suffering from anxiety all day wondering what news we would get.  Again, it wasn’t good…

Our hearts sank with the news that her blood levels were higher than when we first brought her in.  We were going to have to say goodbye.  We chose to spend 2 more days with her so that we could give her some sunshine and fresh air, try to get her to eat some of her favourite things, and to snuggle and pet her as much as we could possibly manage.

She was really weak and not able to walk very far, so we wrapped her up in a blanket and carried her to the dog park to get that fresh air and sunshine.  She managed to eat a sausage McMuffin with her tail wagging the whole time.  Mom and Dad got kisses and tail wags for the last time.

Lenore passed peacefully in our arms with the assistance of all of the wonderful staff at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital on Saturday, November 23.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In 7 short weeks we have lost both of our children.

We are devastated… We tried everything we could to make sure that both pups had quality of life and were not in any pain or discomfort.  We were not expecting this outcome.  We borrowed over $4000 to cover vet bills, medications and special diets in hope that we would be able to spend just one more Christmas together.

</3 No doggie gifts under the tree this year
</3 No furry cuddles on the couch
</3 No wagging tails of greeting at the front door

Now Christmas is coming and we are heartbroken AND broke.  The house is empty, quiet and lonely. There is a lot of financial stress piled on top of the grief. Will you open your heart — and your wallet — to help?

No one likes to ask for help… A couple of close friends suggested that we put up a crowdfunding request.  So we did, just to see what happened.  We are just a little over half way.  Will you open your heart — and your wallet — to help?

Lenore’s Rainbow Bridge Fund

We loved our babies more than words can express.  The grief is overwhelming.  Thank you for reading, it means the world to us.

Mort the Mighty

Mort the Mighty

Born to Chico (father) and Oreo (mother) on June 5th, 2005 he came by his evil chihuahua personality honestly. His parents were both miserable when you weren’t a member of the pack.
When my Auntie Corina placed this tiny black ball of fluff in my hands, it was love at first sight. He wasn’t ready to come home yet though, so I had to wait…
We were inseparable from the very beginning. I was his, and he was mine. He may have been tiny, but he was my familiar, my protector. He was so pudgy when he was a pup, it’s hard to imagine him turning out to be so slim for the rest of his life.
He came into my life at just the right time. I was in a very unhappy relationship and had managed to push away or lose most of my friends. Mort was my child, my heart, my saviour. Because of him, because I couldn’t leave him, he literally saved my life.
We went everywhere together because he was tiny enough to fit in a purse. He was my shadow, my official potty inspector, and my protector. When that toxic relationship finally ended, that tiny little soul was so worried about me, he ended up slipping between legs, unnoticed and made a journey over several busy roadways without getting run over by a car… he was picked up by some kind soul and turned into the bylaw folks.
I was frantic! Luckily the lovely lady that clipped his nails recognized him at the pound and contacted my Aunt. My bestie was changing the locks on the house when he escaped and I was out on an errand with my Ex when Mort slipped out. I had no idea he was missing until I got home and there was no Mort.
By the time I found out (and almost fainted from the stress) it was close to closing time at the pound. There was no way I could leave him there overnight in jail. I rushed there to pay his bail and pick him up. He was microchipped on the spot! He was also smothered in kisses and cuddles. It was a miracle he made it to where he did without getting killed!
Many Months later, Momma met another fella. Mort was not amused. “Look at the last guy you dated Momma – you have terrible taste in men. I will protect you from him!” See Mort had me all to himself, he was my main man and he wasn’t going to have it any other way. He had the same spot on the bed for 4 years now and he wasn’t going to give it up.
He couldn’t push that new guy out of the bed no matter how hard he tried. He was always a smart little guy though so he figures out if he peed on that guy’s pillow, just a little bit, that should get rid of him. He wont want to sleep on pissy pillows!
Mort was frustrated to find out the new guy was there to stay. Eventually Jer won him over through his patience and love. Love me, love my dog.
Mort’s life after that was filled with love and adventure. He got a new sister shortly after his new Daddy (Lenore) and then his sleepover pal Muffin became his brother as well. The pack enjoyed lots of playtime together. Everyone had their own spot in the bed, life was delightful.
When Mort was still a pup, he had an allergic reaction to his vaccinations. It was really scary! He was so tiny that it wasn’t really a surprise. He was never neutered due to concerns about him going under anesthesia. We didn’t travel as much as we would have liked to because no vaccinations means no kennel would take him.
Being intact meant for Mort that he was a humper. He had a stuffed hippo when he was a baby. One day when Mama was shopping at a flea market, she found a female version of the Taco Bell dog with a pretty pink collar and long eyelashes. Belle was just his size and became Mort’s mate for life. He would not hump anything else! He likes to cuddle with her at night as well.
Humping was his quality of life…. I knew when that stopped, it was time to make that hard decision.
That happened last week… He was telling me he was tired. With the emergency vet visit, he showered me in kisses because he could sense I was upset. He seemed fine, and he went back to humping but by Friday night we had another episode where he couldn’t walk. The next morning, the Vet confirmed my fear. His organs were starting to shut down.
I promised him that I would not let him suffer. The humping stopped. We had to say goodbye.
Our last two days together was a lot of sleeping. We had moments of clarity where he asked for pets and he actually had an appetite and ate like a piggy on his last day. He even got to share a meal with Mama, his favourite way to eat.
I chose an Indigenous lullaby that was perfect for him and me. He showered Jer and I in kisses to tell us it was okay, that he was ready, that I shouldn’t be so sad. I covered him in kisses and tears and gently rocked him to sleep while I sang along with the lullaby. He passed peacefully in my arms. I continued to hold him and rock him for a while after.
He now lives completely in my heart.
Mort Memorial
Until we meet again little man… Mama loves you!
Maya and Muffin will show you the ropes.
Contest Time! #ABonthePlate

Contest Time! #ABonthePlate

I’m excited to partner with Alberta’s province-wide dine around festival “Alberta on the Plate” running from August 9 – 18.
A number of restaurants are participating and offering delicious fixed-price menus showcasing AB farms and producers. I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Get Cooking Edmonton to experience their menu over #abplate.
This is an Instagram contest! To enter:
Tag a friend, and make sure to follow @abontheplate and @getcookingyeg to enter!
Winner will be randomly chosen on August 7th.  Good luck everyone!
#ABonthePlate Instagram Contest
Century Casino – Edmonton Edition (Fort Road)

Century Casino – Edmonton Edition (Fort Road)

Disclaimer:  most of this post is regarding a visit where I was invited by the business to have the full “date night” experience.  Prior to attending the VIP event, I did visit on my own to be able to compare the two different experiences. Please note that all opinions are my own and will not be affected by the complimentary passes.

A co-worker was the first to point out to me that the casinos in Edmonton had really great food specials on a nightly basis.  This gets you in the door so that you will buy a couple of drinks, do some gambling and maybe catch a show. There is actually a lot to do in one of the stand alone casinos here in Edmonton.  She had invited me out to the Century Casino in St. Albert for the rib special one night before a class we were taking together. It was a huge portion, it was really cheap and it was okay (you need to remember I am picky about my BBQ!)  None of us are gamblers, so it is a decent, inexpensive night out with friends.

Fast forward to my invitation.

The original invitation was for one of the concert series of events. It took me forever to try to find a band that I would enjoy watching. (I enjoy really obscure Power Noise bands) I finally picked one and unfortunately one of the members fell ill and they had to reschedule the show.  My schedule is nuts on a good day, so I saved the date to go to the Mid City Grill on my own bill.

It was the Friday Night Buffet for $24.95, but we didn’t do the buffet.  I had a steak sandwich and my husband had one of the burgers. I also had to try the cactus chips with the queso dip. The food was good, my husband really enjoyed his burger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the beginning of the meal, our server was attentive and awesome.  When it came to the end of the meal, not so much. My husband likes to enjoy a post meal beer and some conversation, maybe some dessert.  Our server was intensely focused on cleaning up after the dinner rush and didn’t check in to see if we would like anything else. We got frustrated and just ended up paying our bill and leaving.

So my regular visit synopsis;  the food was good and a good value.  The service was also good but could have been better.

The Influencer experience was similar, only the staff had been briefed that we were visiting.  We were warmly greeted by the Yuk Yuk’s Manager (I am so sorry, I am terrible with names) who escorted us to Mid City Grill.  We were shown to our table.

Thursday night’s special is prime rib for $8.99.  Sold! Prime rib is one of my favourite things to eat.   My husband ordered a very nice looking Beef Tenderloin steak with lobster Bearnaise sauce ($35) that he thoroughly enjoyed.  My Prime Rib was also delicious; juicy and tender. My only wish was that you could choose your “doneness” like you would at a carvery.

They have a really great new featured cocktail menu.  I tried their Negroni, and it was really nice, very refreshing.  I am sure that the rest of the choices are also top notch.

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This time the service was spot on.  Our server was absolutely delightful and made sure that we were well taken care of. We were very full from our meal so decided that we would grab dessert at Yuk Yuks.

We had some time to kill before the Yuk Yuk’s show, so onto the slot machines we go.  Sorry gamblers, it’s not something we do hardly ever.  We put a nice chunk of change in the machines and unfortunately didn’t come out as winners.  It’s a fun way to pass the time though while you wait for your show.

Being all about local, I wanted to attend the comedy night that featured local comedians.  I love to see what talent is up and coming. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Ryan Short was the headliner.  We had the opportunity to catch one of his shows previously and really enjoyed ourselves.

We got upgraded to one of the booths along the back wall when we were seated at Yuk Yuks.  Usually that will cost you an extra $20. I had my eye on a frozen drink from Mid City Grill that I wanted to try with dessert.  I didn’t see it on the Yuk Yuks’ cocktail menu. When I asked the server, they actually have separate menus for the restaurant and the theatre.  She was amazing and went over to Mid City to get me the drink. Thank you!  It was chili and chocolate and delicious! I would go back for a visit just for one of those. Spicy and chocolate is a favourite in our house.

We both chose tiramisu for dessert.  The slabs of cake were HUGE. Neither of us could finish them.  They were very good though, one of those things that you can’t stop eating when it is just sitting there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love that Yuk Yuks is giving the local entertainers a chance at some stage time.  They don’t get long for their set so there were a lot of different acts on the stage.  Honestly, we enjoyed most of them. There were only awkward silences maybe a couple of times where the punchline didn’t land.

Thank you to Chef Walter Esser and the rest of the kitchen team, the food and drinks were top notch!  Thank you to Yuk Yuk’s for the awesome comedy experience.  Thank you to the rest of the Century Casino team for making our “date night” one to remember.





Underground Tap & Grill Re-Visited

Underground Tap & Grill Re-Visited

Disclaimer: Although I have been to the Underground several times on my own, this particular visit was at the invitation of the business.

I can’t remember how long the Underground Tap & Grill has been around, I know it’s been a few years now.  It used to be a place that I frequented when I worked downtown because it was right across the street and the whole “craft beer” thing was relatively new.  Duck has always been the Chef’s specialty and nothing goes better with a nice cold beer than a nice salty Duck Confit poutine.  My huge dislike for the Underground was that I would go to visit with friends on the weekend and not be able to have a conversation because the music was too loud.

Fast Forward to Today…

No longer working downtown.  Let’s face it – since the new “ICE” district came in the parking is ridiculously expensive on a night where there is an event in the arena.  Most people who have a decent head on their shoulders avoid the whole downtown situation whenever possible at great detriment to the local businesses that depend on us.

Well… Underground has tackled the parking problem and oh so much more!

$3 evening parking after 4pm in the parkade located in the tower right next to Tres Carnales.  Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Underground.  Aptly named, you will be going down the stairs to the pub to enjoy some great food and now 72 different beers on tap.  72!

There is a wonderful selection of different styles of beer from different breweries.  The selection is always changing.  There is a monthly tap takeover and when the keg is gone, it’s off the menu.  They even have the lovely Brittany as the Beer Manager.  She knows her stuff and is more than happy to help you make an educated choice when you are overwhelmed by the menu. There is also a weekly rotation for the beer cocktails.  These are fun and creative mixtures that will leave you wanting more.

And huge bonus, there is no more live DJ on the weekends so that you can now have a conversation with your friends without having to yell!

Now onto the Food

The menu has also gone through some recent changes.  Duck is still Chef Lang Hsiao’s specialty.   Therefore, we had to try something with duck in it.  We had the Adobo Buffalo Duck Wings ($15) which are also available for the “Wing Wednesday” menu special for half price.  These were just the right amount of spice, moist and delicious.  We will definitely be back for more of these.

There is a new weekly “Chef Special” where Chef gets to be creative.  Of course, I had to try it.  My choice was the “Canadian Back Bacon” which was “Bourbon maple glazed local farmed pork loin, dry cured in house for 10 days.  Served with baked potato, grilled zucchini and egg plant.  Although the flavours were all really good, this was not as tender and moist as I was expecting.

My husband tried the 8 oz. striploin with the peppercorn sauce.  He says the medium rare was done perfectly; tender, moist and delicious.  These come with “all you can eat” sides which are served buffet style.  The peppercorn sauce had a bit of a kick to it that was delightful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Beer…

Oh the beer!  Brittany was wonderful about explaining what a Gose was, as I had not yet had the opportunity to sample one.  The tap takeover was with Red Racer brewery and they had a delicious sounding Gose; the Lime Margarita.

“Inspired by the beaches of Mexico, the essence of a lime margarita is captured in a craft beer. This lightly salted, slightly tart beer is infused with lime juice and a splash of Tequila to give a tropical cocktail take on a German style ale.”

This beer was amazing!  Such a refreshing beer that needs to be enjoyed with some sunshine out on a patio.  I’m a new fan.  Hubby had the Beavertail Raspberry Ale by Grizzly Paw in Canmore.

  • So if you have any burning questions about a particular brew and Brittany is on shift, she has all of the knowledge to help you.
  • We had no room for dessert, however there are 6 lovely choices on the menu for you to enjoy.
  • We were also informed that there is a Saturday Brunch menu available from 11 am to 2 pm on the weekend.
  • The venue is usually accessible but during our visit the elevator was being repaired.
  • There are gluten-free and vegan options available on the menu.

Thank you Underground!  We had a wonderful evening trying the latest menu and taps.  We are looking forward to our next visit.





Cornerstone; Not Just for BBQ

Cornerstone; Not Just for BBQ

Personally, BBQ has always been about the community.  The absolutely deliciousness of the meat is what first attracted my attention.  When I became a certified Judge, the community is what kept me going back for more.  You always look forward to visiting with your “BBQ People”.

Judging BBQ also means that you get to meet the teams that are competing.  It is a great networking opportunity for a foodie like myself to meet some of the restaurant and food truck owners that specialize in BBQ.  This is how I met Matt from Cornerstone, and Joe from Motley Que. Add Chef Daniel Huber to the mix and you have a powerhouse hitting the local food scene.

Cornerstone doesn’t have an official store front, YET.  I expect to hear news of that coming up soon. You can get their delicious BBQ through Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats from Monday thru Friday from 11 am to 2 pm.  They are currently working out of the kitchen in the Freemason’s Hall located right downtown.

I have ordered on my own through Skip and I have been invited as a guest to the Uber Eats photo shoot of all of the food.  Someone has to eat it right? Everything I have tried from Cornerstone has been just the right amount of smoke flavour, tender, juicy and delicious!  They have large portion sizes when you order from Skip. The desserts are also mouth-watering.

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Don’t get me wrong, Cornerstone’s BBQ is really, really good. They are still young though and have so much potential, the world is their oyster!  Kelly from Smoke & Ash has a few more years of experience under his belt and still has the best brisket in town.

I was able to sample Motley Que’s Mango Habenero BBQ sauce and some smoked salsa.  Motley Que is at the Miller’s Crossing Farmer’s Market on Sundays. I highly recommend that you check out their stall if you get a chance!  Joe also puts on BBQ classes that are highly informative and hands on. The classes would also make a great gift for that BBQ enthusiast in your life.

What makes Cornerstone special you ask?  They aren’t JUST BBQ. They also have a line of ready made meals that are macro balanced..  Now that isn’t something that I am into personally so I just understand the basic concept of it; the meals are all nutritionally balanced.  They prepare with variety in mind, each week has a different menu. Nutritious doesn’t have to mean bland and boring!

The Cornerstone team also does catering and has their own line of spices that are available at a few butchers around the city.

Keep your eyes on these fellas, they are shaking things up and are going to make a great impression on the YEG food scene!





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