Sumptuous Lollies – From Farmer’s Market to Red Carpet

Sumptuous Lollies – From Farmer’s Market to Red Carpet

It all started with Pinterest.  Beautiful lollipops with dried flowers inside of them.  Mercedes wanted to get her hands on some, but of course you know how hard it can be to get food items across the border.  Mercedes and her Mom, Ciarrai decided to roll up their sleeves and try making them on their own. They have been a flavour sensation ever since!

Sumptuous Lollies is a home based business in Fort Saskatchewan.  You can order their beautiful creations right on their Facebook page, or watch for them in places like the Makers Keep in Kingsway Mall.

Almost too pretty to eat

Launched in March of 2018, Sumptuous Lollies has taken off like wildfire!  They are in the Grammy Awards 2019 gift bags and have gone out to a few celebrities here and there.  The flavour combinations are nothing short of amazing and a lot of customers comment “almost too pretty to eat”.

Adult gourmet lollipops with flavours that are not for kids.  Bourbon Irish Creme Coffee, Butter Rum Mustard Seed, Chocolate Lavender, Strawberry Anise, Cinnamon Heart, Red Velvet Cake and the list goes on!  Over 30 different flavour combinations to choose from.

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These lovely ladies love to customize!  They can do 2 inch, 7 inch, wrapped candies, put your photo on it, custom labels and custom wrapping.  Perfect for any event or occasion. Can’t think of anything for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? They have you covered!  A gift box containing Cinnamon Heart and Red Velvet 2 inch lollies. I won one of these through an Instagram contest. What a score!

$30 gets you six of the 2 inch lollies or one of the giant 7 inch lollies.

They are as delicious as they look! That attention to detail that is put into each lollie also shows in the taste.

Follow them on their social media where you can keep in the know for the new flavours that they develop.




Flavour List:

Mixed berry delight
Blueberry pie
Blueberry lavender
Strawberry shortcake
Chocolate strawberry
Strawberry anise
Strawberry pink peppercorn
Raspberry lemonade
Raspberry toasted coconut
Raspberry mustard seed
Chocolate cherry
Cherry cheesecake
Black Cherry chilli
Cranberry thyme
Cranberry mint
Caramel apple
Apple pie
Chocolate banana
Banana cream pie
Banana cardamom
Salted lime margarita
Key lime pie
Watermelon Basil sea salt
Watermelon pink peppercorn
Mango coconut
Mango daiquiri
Lemon basil
Lemon meringue pie
Orange chocolate mint
Orange sweet paprika
Lavender chocolate
Salted caramel
Chocolate salted caramel
Root beer float
Butter rum mustard seed
Chocolate covered red licorice
German chocolate coffee cake
Irish cream
Salted caramel latte

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